A Southern Season is being pitched as stories from a front porch swing or stories your grandmama would tell, but I spent many a summer in the South, and none of these match those the old folks I knew and loved would tell.

I heard stories of Daddy getting in trouble for hitchin’ up the mule to the cart on a Sunday, when, in his Primitive Baptist family, he wasn’t supposed to be doing much of nothing on the Lord’s Sabbath. I remember being told of card games on the sly (again, because their small church didn’t allow for card playing, which could lead to gambling), and how great uncle whatever-his-name-was died at the sawmill (gruesome story) or how the other great uncle whoever got in a gun fight with his ex-fiancée’s new beau. Cousins would spin yarns about the old cemetery and trick me about which fruit was ripe–that was where I learned the pucker-power of green persimmons. And, if I was overly talkative on a quiet night, I’d be told to listen close, and I’d hear the corn grow (never did, though I tried and tried!).

No, the stories in A Southern Season aren’t reminiscent at all to the ones I was told as a young’un, but they are distinctly Southern in flavor and totally worth the read. I hope you agree!

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