Current Giveaway

A few years ago, I released two books, polar opposites of each other. One, The Cat Lady’s Secret, is a women’s fiction story of old baggage interfering with new starts and how forgiveness—of God, of self, of each other—can heal the pain from the past and allow for new beginnings. The other, The Simulacrum, is an action-packed thriller about secrets and conspiracies, with lots of fist fights and gun fights and chases.

Amazing how two entirely different books can be written from the same computer!

Of course, my cowriter for The Simulacrum can take most of the credit for that book. It was his idea, I just brought it to life. Although it says there will be a book 2, there won’t. So sad. He decided not to continue writing the series, and I’m not capable of coming up with such an idea on my own. My brain doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, these two extremely different books are up for this month’s giveaway. Want them? All you have to do is scroll on down and sign up for my newsletter. Newsletter subscribers are automatically enrolled for the giveaway, and when you subscribe, you can be too!